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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends


What is Google Trends?

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends:

Google Trends is a tool of Google with the help of which we can find out the current trend of google search with the right keywords on any subject worldwide.Growth Potential in SEO with Google Trends is huge.

Google Trends usage:-

This is time for internet marketing. It is one of the fastest and cost effective source to reach to your relevant customers, and whatever we do on internet Google is part and parcel of it. Without help of Google we can’t even think of internet marketing. Thank God to Google as it has come up with a new facility named Google Trends. Earlier in 2008 there was same facility available in internet named Google Insights for search after that in 2012 another more sophisticated and advance searching tool launched by Goole named Google trends. Google merged Google insights with google trends for the search option.

Google Trends


With the help of this we can use right keyword for any particular topic. What is the current trend on any particular topic we can easily find out?

Whether it is in terms of business or education or any other sector. It helps us to find out the interest level on any certain topic or area over a certain point of time or at any point of time which helps us to take our business decisions or for the launch of any campaigns.

Now a days there are lot of websites and other things are available on google and it’s very difficult for us to know which one is right or wrong? With the help of Google trends, We can do comparisons as well, as it’s hard to know which one is the best and which one needs to adopt now a days so from google trends we can see the current trend on a particular topic and we can see other things like comparison from others or region wise or demographic wise. With the help of Google Trends we can search any topic not only in India but we can search it worldwide for any country.  If we want to see the trend of any topic two years back or even two hours back we can see that from Google trends.

With the help of google Trends we can compare up to five search terms or groupings at one time, with up to 25 search terms in each grouping. In Trends we can also see hot searches and Top Charts.  Google Trends help us to the general upward trend of any product in any business and it can show you the comparison as well with your competitor so that you can plan for a campaign after doing a competitive analysis.


In Google trends there are several ways to search for any particular thing which makes the thing quite easy to search. For example if you are typing Tennis+ Shoes it means you are looking for any search items that is looking either for Tennis or for shoes. In the same way if you are typing in search box like Tennis- Shoes, it means you are looking for only those search items which contains tennis but not shoes.


Features of Google Trends:-


(A)Search term VS Topic:-

It allows you to search either with search term or with topic.


(B)Normalised and indexed query trends:-


It means if any graph in google trend is increasing that doesn’t mean interest rate is increasing in that particular field or if any graph is decreasing that doesn’t mean interest rate is decreasing in that field, its just mean interest rate has been decreasing overall on line.

© Comparison of data:-


Comparison of data we can do from Google trends. While doing this three things we can keep in mind:-

  • Search term
  • Location
  • Time Period


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