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AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google

Accelerated Mobile Pages


AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google

Overview of AMP:-

Imagine if you are standing on a railway station and searching for the timing and availability of any train, and either page is not getting loaded or its taking time to open or its very slow or you are getting lots of adds in between, how frustrated it will be for you as an user. Because technology is there for us to help and make our life easier not frustrated .And with a survey a data has come up that 48% of mobile user doesn’t come back on any site, if loading time is high.To resolve all this issue a new concept came named Accelerated Mobile Page, i.e AMP. It is a project which  is an effort made by google proposed as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices.

The AMP Project was officially announced on Oct. 7, 2015, with support from Google, Twitter, WordPress and several publishers and other companies.

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What is AMP?


AMP is an open source structure which helps developers in making fast loading web pages which contains a static content. With the help of this web page loading time decreases.

Accelerated Mobile Page Consists of:-


2) Javascript

3) Content Delivery Network


If any publisher will meet all of these three requirements in any particular webpage, Google will give higher ranking to those pages because page loading time will be very fast in such websites in mobile. Which will enhance overall mobile user experience.

Benefits of AMP based Websites:-

  1. a) Content Delivery will be faster
  2. b) Great Mobile experience
  3. c) High website speed
  4. d)High Ranking in terms of SEO


This will help your website or blogs in having more number of clicks. AMP also helps publishers by attracting users with a visual results and fetching more number of clicks. Viewers can simply swipe to left to view the next story.


AMP contained content always gets displayed first. It helps in the boost up of ranking of any website as well. News outlets and brands that consistently publish articles should be optimize their content.




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