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What id 301 redirect?

What id 301 redirect?

1)301 redirect:

301 redirect is used to guide google from one page to another page if you are shifting permanently. Furthermore with the help of this we can redirect our visitor from one page to another page.












Basically it is used to direct one url to another page or website. For example if we create one url , and we want to change the name from , in this case we will use 301 redirect to inform google. It means we are informing googlebot that whatever information was there in website has been redirected to


Due to this activity google will shift the all the worth of first page to another page, it means whatever SEO work has been done in first page in terms of backlinks, ranking, content etc, been redirected to the new web page.


A 301 redirect is important to maintain any website’s domain authority and search rankings without changing its URL. Its easy for search engine as well as visitors to reach a different URL than the one they originally requested.

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