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Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet

What is Rich Snippet?

Although Rich Snippet is a very common terminology in digital marketing filed for SEO people but if you are a SEO newbies and ready to dive in SEO field its really a ambiguous word for. Its Time to understand about Rich Snippet. What is this? How it looks like? What is the importance of Rich Snippets in SEO?


Rich Snippet?

A snippet is a result Google shows to the user in the search results. Rich snippets are the extra additional information in between title and description and below the URL. Here we can see the additional information such as rating, availability, timing etc. Which gives user an exact idea, what is the page all about?

Now I will share Difference between Simple Snippet and Rich Snippet:-

I was searching for a good poha recepie. Google showed me result with its good normal snippet and Rich snippets:-

A normal Snippet will look like this:

 Simple Snippet

Here Google shows title in blue, URL  in green and a description which is also called meta description below in black that what the page all about. This a simple snippet.


A Rich Snippet Will Look Like This:

Rich Snippet







Here a picture of poha is added, which gives more clarity about the content. It is showing ratings, preparation timing, number of people voted. A rich snippet always contains much more information than a normal snippet, because of that it called a rich snippet.


Benefits Of Rich Snippets in SEO?

Whenever someone search for anything and get result with rich Snippets, you always prefer to click search results with rich snippet because it is always nice to see and more informative and seems more meaningful to users in comparison to simple snippets. In addition to that rich snippets have always higher click-through rate.


People prefer clicking on rich snippet. If there will be more click through rate, there will be more traffic on your website. Due to which in the long run your website ranking will be high. Because over a period of time Google will notice more people are preferring to visit your website. Hence it will definitely increase the ranking of your website in long run.




How To Get Rich Snippets?

To get rich snippets we have to use structured data. Structured data means the data which is organised and easy to understand. With the help of structured data web crawler can easily crawl to your website which as a marketer or blogger we all want. Structured data is a type of code. It’s a piece of code that you can put on your website.  Code is written in such a way that it’s easy to understand for search engines.
















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