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What is a Page Title?



What is a Page Title?

What is a Page Title?

What is a Page Title?

Page title is the main text in HTML format that describes about your web page. It is the second most important thing in on -page SEO element. Page title with relevant keywords help search engines to reach your web page.

Page titles


To achieve high ranking descriptive page title along with relevant keywords is very important. There are some important points which we should keep in mind while creating a page title:-

  • Page Title should neither be too small nor too large:

Maximum 70 characters will be able to display, rest will be cut by google so make sure all the relevant and important things you are putting in first 70 characters, after that if someone will open or click on your webpage then only will be able to see.


  • First impression is the last impression:-

Most of the visitors will come from search engine if title tag will be eye-catching. Thus we don’t need to only think in terms of SEO or keyword usage but it’s about complete user involvement. The title tag is the first experience to the user about your company, so it should give the best experience. So that they will be interested to go on further deep.


  • Keep key keyword in front of title tag:-

Keyword plays an important role, the closer keyword will be in title tag, it will be more helpful in the ranking of your website.


  • Keep your brand name at the end of title tag:-

If you are a small or medium company please do keep your brand name at last of the title tag. In case of big companies or big brands only you should keep your brand name initially.


Last but not the least title tag of any page seems at the top of the browser you are using. That’s why it is always important for user’s good experience.

Below format of Title tag we can use for any small business:-


Primary Keyword-Secondary keyword-Brand Name



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