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Was not Interest to Act in Dileep Movie Ramaleela says, Suresh Kumar,

Was not Interest to Act in Dileep Movie Ramaleela says, Suresh Kumar,

Was not Interest to Act in Dileep Movie Ramaleela says, Suresh Kumar,

Ramaleela is a 2017 Indian Malayalam-language political thriller film written by Sachy and directed by debutante Arun Gopy. It stars Dileep, Mukesh, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Raadhika and Prayaga Martin in lead roles. The film is produced and distributed by Tomichan Mulakuppadam under Mulakuppadam Films. Ramaleela was released in India on 28 September 2017.[4]

Advocate Ramanunni is an MLA of Palakkad who after getting expelled from his political communist party, the CDP, because of assaulting the State Secretary Ambady Mohan, joins the rival secularist party, the NSP. Ramanunni, who has been receiving threats from CDP activists, decides to take a gun license for self-protection and this becomes a controversy in the news.

Ramanunni’s mother Ragini disapproves of his decision to join the NSP as they come from a communist-oriented family, his father Raghavan, a CDP activist, believed to have been martyred by NSP activists. The NSP decides to appoint Ramanunni as their candidate in the upcoming election. The decision is opposed by Udhyabhanu, a veteran politician of the NSP, but this is overlooked by the others. Ramanunni, along with his sidekick Thomas Chacko, the NSP Youth Wing Secretary, attend an interview where Ambady Mohan assaults Ramanunni. As the promotions for the elections begin, the CDP announces their candidate as Ragini, who they think is the only person who can defeat Ramanunni.

While campaigning at a football match, Ambady Mohan is assassinated and Ramanunni and Chacko become the prime suspects. The Investigation Officer, Paulson Devassy finds out that Ramanunni’s gun is missing a bullet, the studies match the bullet that killed Mohan with the bullets in Ramanunni’s gun, and the ballistics show that the gun must have been used in the row where Ramanunni and Chacko were sitting. Ramanunni and Chacko escape from police custody and hide in the house of V.G. Madhavan, a journalist and a good friend of Ramanunni’s. Madhavan’s daughter Helena decides to help them. Now in disguise, they leave for a resort on an island off the coast of Goa.

Unknown to Ramanunni and Chacko, Helena televises all their actions through hidden cameras under the name of ‘Hot Pursuit’ in order to find the real culprit. With Ramanunni gone, the NSP appoint Sumesh Venjara, a disliked and weak politician, as their new candidate. In Goa, Ramanunni reveals that it was Ambady Mohan and Udhayabhanu were behind his father’s death, not the NSP activists. As the videos get televised, Officer Paulson Devassy gathers evidence of Ambady Mohan’s death that leads to Udhayabhanu, especially a can of Red Bull that was used as a suppressor, as Udhayabhanu was very fond of the drink. Police later arrest him.

It is revealed that televising Ramanunni’s escape was his and Helena’s plan to prove his innocence. Ramanunni goes on to win the election as an independent candidate. In a major twist, it turns out that it was actually Ramanunni who had assassinated Ambady Mohan with the help of a fellow CDP comrade Chandran. He accused Udhayabhanu because of his role in his father’s death. He explains to his mother that it was his duty to remove all obstacles from the CDP’s path. His mother salutes Ramanunni, and he does the same back

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