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Jayam Ravi’s Thani Oruvan movie to get a sequel



Jayam Ravi’s Thani Oruvan movie to get a sequel

Jayam Ravi’s Thani Oruvan movie to get a sequel

Jayam Ravi’s Thani Oruvan movie to get a sequel

Reports say that Jayam Ravi’s Thani Oruvan movie directed by his brother Mohan Raja is getting a sequel, Thani Oruvan 2. Thani Oruvan Working Stills (2)

During a chat with fans on Twitter, Raja earlier revealed that he hopes to make “Thani Oruvan 2” with his brother. When a fan asked him, “can we expect a sequel to ‘Thani Oruvan’,” Raja said: “Sure. Ravi’s 25th film, hopefully”. An edge-of-the-seat thriller featuring a righteous police officer and a suave, conniving entrepreneur, “Thani Oruvan” won over both audiences and critics alike. MOHAN-RAJA

Thani oruvan was a crime action thriller movie. The film, produced by Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh and Kalpathi S. Suresh under the production company AGS Entertainment, stars Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara. The plot revolves around IPS Officer Mithran who wants to arrest Siddharth Abhimanyu, an affluent scientist who uses secret illegal medical practices for profit. Thani-Oruvan-Part-2
The film was remade in Telugu as Dhruva (2016) and in Bengali as One (2017). In 2017, it was dubbed into Hindi as Double Attack 2 by Goldmines Telefilms Pvt Ltd.The son of veteran film editor Mohan, Ravi made his debut as an actor in the romantic drama Blockbuster film Jayam (2003), directed by his elder brother Mohan Raja and produced by his father. thani-oruvan759

The success of the film prompted the title to become a prefix to his stage name, and he continued to collaborate with his brother for other Blockbuster films including Jayam (2003) ,M.Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi (2004), Unakkum Enakkum (2006), Santhosh Subramaniam (2008), Thillalangadi (2010) and the recent blockbuster Thani Oruvan (2015). The script works of Thani Oruvan 2 is progressing and it will also be a thriller movie like the first one. The sequel will be a social commited one. The director said that Thani Oruvan was a thrilling script for him and this time also viewers can expect a pshychological war thriller between the hero and the villain.

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